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Mayberry Truck Show 2024


Raised to Goal of $10,000.00


Children's Patient Assistance

Mayberry Truck Show 2024
Mayberry Truck Show 2024

Mayberry Truck Show 2024

Please consider joining my Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser Team for Children’s Patient Assistance
Within Brenner Children's Hospital, brave children and their families navigate the challenging path of illness and recovery. Today, we invite you to become a beacon of hope for these children.

By joining my peer-to-peer fundraiser team, you can provide vital support, comfort, and resources that will make a significant difference in the lives of patients and their families. Join us in this extraordinary journey as we unite, uplift, and empower those who need it most.

Families at Brenner Children's Hospital face numerous challenges during their child's treatment. By supporting this peer-to-peer fundraiser, you become a vital source of empowerment for these families. Your contribution will provide essential resources, like transportation support, meals, and much-needed emotional support. By standing alongside them, you ensure that families can focus on what matters most: their child's healing journey.

Every child at Brenner Children's Hospital deserves to have hope in their hearts, despite their health challenges. You become a champion of hope, helping to create dreams can flourish. Your contribution will enable us to organize special events, activities, and experiences that bring joy, and a sense of normalcy to the lives of these incredible children. Together, we can remind them that their spirits are unbreakable and that a brighter future awaits.

Here are a few ways you can get involved:

  • Donate to my Page to help me reach my fundraising goal
  • Join us and create your own fundraising page

In the hearts and minds of the patients and families at Brenner Children's Hospital, hope shines brightest when it is shared. By participating in our peer-to-peer fundraiser, you become an integral part of their journey, offering support, empowerment, and a glimpse of a brighter future. Together, let us ignite hope, uplift spirits, and create a lasting impact on the lives of these extraordinary children. Join us on this transformative path, and together, we can remind them that their spirits are unbreakable!
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